Özgenur Çelik

MS Student

Ozgenur, known as “Ozzie” among her peers, recently received her Bachelor of Science from Columbia Engineering, graduating as an Undergraduate Student Honoree from the Biomedical Engineering Department . She will pursue her Master of Science degree as a BS/MS Integrated Program student, and is expected to graduate in May 2023.

She has been working in the Leong Lab since her freshman spring semester. During her time at the lab, she worked with mentors from different research areas. Under Dr. Danielle Huang’s leadership, she designed methods for generating hepatocyte-like cell spheroids with prolonged maintenance for drug screening and disease modeling. She also had the opportunity to share their research on national stage at BMES 2021 as a podium speaker. With Dr. Tianyu Li and Dr. Tolu Akinade, she has been studying the delivery of nanotherapeutics to mitigate inflammation in patients with breast cancer and visceral obesity.

She aspires to pursue a PhD in the field of nanoparticles and immunoengineering as part of an innovative and collaborative group.

Outside of lab, she is a budding foodie and constantly on the look-out for her next favorite dish.